Contarina is responsible for the management of waste from the municipalities belonging to the Consiglio di Bacino Priula, within the province of Treviso, in the Veneto region (Italy), in an area covering approximately 1,300 square kilometres with about 555,000 inhabitants, through an integrated system involving waste from production to collection, treatment and recovery, generating a positive impact on the environment as well as on the lives of the citizens.

The company was founded to manage the waste collection system and then later waste disposal by setting up and managing landfills. All this was done according to the systems and directions established by the Consiglio di Bacino Priula. Subsequently, Contarina’s mandate expanded to include services such as road sweeping and the collection of special and hazardous waste, in addition to the collection and disposal of urban waste.

Contarina’s success is based on a curbside collection system with a “pay as you throw” rate: a model that has been thoroughly tried and tested. For years, Contarina and the Consiglio di Bacino Priula have been leaders in Europe in recycling and are an example of cutting-edge public entities in terms of services and results, working with the community to achieve a common goal: protection of the environment.


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